Sirayane Boutique Hotel and Spa, Marrakech

With fresh rose petals on the sheets, and double beds surrounding the swimming pool, the Sirayane hotel and spa in Marrakech was geared up for couples, but turned out to be perfect for a short break with good friends. This week, me and four pals flew to Morocco for a few days of relaxation to mark a significant (but unmentionable) milestone birthday. Our criteria for … Continue reading Sirayane Boutique Hotel and Spa, Marrakech

Hotel Indigo, Glasgow

When it comes to hotel rooms, there are two absolute musts for me: firstly, like Goldilocks, I crave a bed that’s not too firm and not too soft; secondly, like any sane and rational human being, I want to find a power socket close to the bed.

So imagine my delight when I rocked up to the Hotel Indigo in Glasgow on a work trip. Not only did it have a ‘just right’ bed large enough for Goldilocks and at least two of the three bears, but – ta dah! – a power socket within arm’s length of the pillows. I was prepared to give it a five-star review there and then. Continue reading “Hotel Indigo, Glasgow”