Sirayane Boutique Hotel and Spa, Marrakech

With fresh rose petals on the sheets, and double beds surrounding the swimming pool, the Sirayane hotel and spa in Marrakech was geared up for couples, but turned out to be perfect for a short break with good friends. This week, me and four pals flew to Morocco for a few days of relaxation to mark a significant (but unmentionable) milestone birthday. Our criteria for … Continue reading Sirayane Boutique Hotel and Spa, Marrakech

Broadstairs Food Festival

Wearing jeans with a slightly stretchy waistband, I popped out yesterday to get my first experience of the renowned Broadstairs Food Festival.

I do like a food fair, but a food ‘festival’ sounds so much more… celebratory. And the enormous variety of food and drink that is produced right on our doorstep in Kent is definitely worth celebrating. Why buy tomatoes flown in from the other side of the world when the sweetest, juiciest varieties are produced right on the doorstep at Thanet Earth, for example? Continue reading “Broadstairs Food Festival”