Hotel Indigo, Glasgow

When it comes to hotel rooms, there are two absolute musts for me: firstly, like Goldilocks, I crave a bed that’s not too firm and not too soft; secondly, like any sane and rational human being, I want to find a power socket close to the bed.

So imagine my delight when I rocked up to the Hotel Indigo in Glasgow on a work trip. Not only did it have a ‘just right’ bed large enough for Goldilocks and at least two of the three bears, but – ta dah! – a power socket within arm’s length of the pillows. I was prepared to give it a five-star review there and then. Continue reading “Hotel Indigo, Glasgow”

Race for Life

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me to run the Race for Life at Herne Bay. I appreciate it’s not on a par with other, riskier fundraising events but for me it to was an important thing to do. A group of us ran it with a frankly amazing (and yes, I know how overused that word is) woman called Maria, who has recently reached the end of her treatment for breast cancer. Continue reading “Race for Life”