A week in Crete: Pushing the reset button

I work a lot of hours. A LOT of hours. But before you produce a tiny violin, this is mostly my own fault. Like many self-employed people there’s a part of my brain which constantly asks me what more I could be doing on my jobs, what more I could be learning to develop myself. I also have ‘perfectionist tendencies’; a man who knows more … Continue reading A week in Crete: Pushing the reset button

Go Blades! My first hockey experience

I have been to a fair few sporting events – mostly football and athletics – but my first experience of American ice hockey (seemingly just ‘hockey’ if you’re local) must be the most unique. Wanting to see something new during our holiday to Florida, hockey looked to be our best option; shorter and less complicated than, for example, American football, while giving us an opportunity … Continue reading Go Blades! My first hockey experience

Broadstairs Food Festival

Wearing jeans with a slightly stretchy waistband, I popped out yesterday to get my first experience of the renowned Broadstairs Food Festival.

I do like a food fair, but a food ‘festival’ sounds so much more… celebratory. And the enormous variety of food and drink that is produced right on our doorstep in Kent is definitely worth celebrating. Why buy tomatoes flown in from the other side of the world when the sweetest, juiciest varieties are produced right on the doorstep at Thanet Earth, for example? Continue reading “Broadstairs Food Festival”