Crowdfunding authors: Backing books I want to read

If you’re around my age, ‘backing books’ will conjure up images of wrestling your school set texts into jackets of brown paper (or Fablon if you were a bit posh). But, this isn’t a post about the merits of attempting to protect the cover of your already dog-eared Tricolore. Last year, author Caitlin Davies spoke at the Margate Bookie literary festival. She told the story … Continue reading Crowdfunding authors: Backing books I want to read

The Body Source mosquito repellent bracelet

The best thing about going on holiday is getting eaten alive by bugs. Said no-one. Ever. With the school holidays upon us, you might be heading off in the direction of even more glorious sunshine. If like me, your skin holds a certain appeal for creepy crawlies (the bugs – no reflection on the clientele at your holiday resort) then the mosquito repellent bracelet from … Continue reading The Body Source mosquito repellent bracelet

Broadstairs Food Festival

Wearing jeans with a slightly stretchy waistband, I popped out yesterday to get my first experience of the renowned Broadstairs Food Festival.

I do like a food fair, but a food ‘festival’ sounds so much more… celebratory. And the enormous variety of food and drink that is produced right on our doorstep in Kent is definitely worth celebrating. Why buy tomatoes flown in from the other side of the world when the sweetest, juiciest varieties are produced right on the doorstep at Thanet Earth, for example? Continue reading “Broadstairs Food Festival”

You Beauty Box

Receiving presents through the post puts a smile on my face; even those I have ordered for myself.

Thinking that I really don’t get enough gifts and being one of those people who has to try any beauty products emblazoned with the word ‘new’ I signed up to receive a monthly beauty box. The idea of these subscription-based services is that you regularly receive a parcel containing a selection of beauty, body and skincare products. Some are full size while others are samples, and the products are a mix of known brands and those from up-and-coming companies. Continue reading “You Beauty Box”