Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea

Come with me, and you’ll be, in a world of pure imagination If you’ve ever watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and wondered what it might be like to dive headfirst into Willy Wonka’s river of chocolate, One Aldwych can provide the answer. The 5-star hotel has offered variations on its scrumdiddlyumptious themed afternoon tea (a chocolate spread, you could say) for a good three … Continue reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea

Perfect present: The jar of things we love about you

I took a bit of time off today to spend with my lovely Dad, on his 70th birthday, and thought I would share one of the gifts I gave him, in case you’re looking for inspiration. Buying presents for big birthdays can be tricky. You spend hours trawling the (actual or online) High Street, part with your hard-earned cash and still end up with a … Continue reading Perfect present: The jar of things we love about you

The Body Source mosquito repellent bracelet

The best thing about going on holiday is getting eaten alive by bugs. Said no-one. Ever. With the school holidays upon us, you might be heading off in the direction of even more glorious sunshine. If like me, your skin holds a certain appeal for creepy crawlies (the bugs – no reflection on the clientele at your holiday resort) then the mosquito repellent bracelet from … Continue reading The Body Source mosquito repellent bracelet

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Food prep – the art of whipping up a few dinners, portioning it into plastic pots, photographing it for Instagram (a crucial step which must not be missed) and freezing for later – isn’t just for dieters and muscle-builders. If I didn’t spend a couple of hours at the weekend cooking and freezing food, there is every likelihood my weeknight meals would be almost wholly … Continue reading Winner winner, chicken dinner

A week in Crete: Pushing the reset button

I work a lot of hours. A LOT of hours. But before you produce a tiny violin, this is mostly my own fault. Like many self-employed people there’s a part of my brain which constantly asks me what more I could be doing on my jobs, what more I could be learning to develop myself. I also have ‘perfectionist tendencies’; a man who knows more … Continue reading A week in Crete: Pushing the reset button

Go Blades! My first hockey experience

I have been to a fair few sporting events – mostly football and athletics – but my first experience of American ice hockey (seemingly just ‘hockey’ if you’re local) must be the most unique. Wanting to see something new during our holiday to Florida, hockey looked to be our best option; shorter and less complicated than, for example, American football, while giving us an opportunity … Continue reading Go Blades! My first hockey experience

Broadstairs Food Festival

Wearing jeans with a slightly stretchy waistband, I popped out yesterday to get my first experience of the renowned Broadstairs Food Festival.

I do like a food fair, but a food ‘festival’ sounds so much more… celebratory. And the enormous variety of food and drink that is produced right on our doorstep in Kent is definitely worth celebrating. Why buy tomatoes flown in from the other side of the world when the sweetest, juiciest varieties are produced right on the doorstep at Thanet Earth, for example? Continue reading “Broadstairs Food Festival”

You Beauty Box

Receiving presents through the post puts a smile on my face; even those I have ordered for myself.

Thinking that I really don’t get enough gifts and being one of those people who has to try any beauty products emblazoned with the word ‘new’ I signed up to receive a monthly beauty box. The idea of these subscription-based services is that you regularly receive a parcel containing a selection of beauty, body and skincare products. Some are full size while others are samples, and the products are a mix of known brands and those from up-and-coming companies. Continue reading “You Beauty Box”

Lunch in Margate

Work is taking me to Margate fairly regularly at the moment which is A Good Thing, not just because of the myriad eating opportunities available, although obviously food is always pretty high up on my list of priorities.

I do *try* to mix things up a bit but there are two places I keep returning to: The Greedy Cow and GB Pizza Co. The latter you will probably have heard of, or seen, on account of its eminently Instagram-able interior let alone the pizzas (which are also a thing of beauty). Continue reading “Lunch in Margate”