Perfect present: The jar of things we love about you

I took a bit of time off today to spend with my lovely Dad, on his 70th birthday, and thought I would share one of the gifts I gave him, in case you’re looking for inspiration.

Buying presents for big birthdays can be tricky. You spend hours trawling the (actual or online) High Street, part with your hard-earned cash and still end up with a present that’s not quite right. Alongside the stuff they want or need, it’s nice to give a personal gift and being a bit of a Blue Peter kid, for me that usually means making something.

I can’t remember where I originally saw the idea for the ‘jar of things we love about you’ – one of those curly-edged waiting room magazines, probably – but based on my mum’s reaction to the one I made for her, it’s a good idea. Well, she cried. Happy tears apparently, rather than howls of ‘but I wanted jewellery…’.

All you need is a glass jar and luggage tags (mine came from Hobbycraft). I already had silver pens and wrapping ribbon, and knocked the label up on my laptop. My nearest and dearest emailed me the things they love about my Dad – 70 of them – and I did the honours in my best handwriting; the ‘thing’ on one side and the person’s name on the other.

What you end up with is a big jar of compliments, memories and funny one-liners. Something to dip into on a crappy day, or when you just want a reminder of how awesome you are. A glass full of happiness. The perfect present for a big birthday.

Have you made a personalised present? Maybe you’ve received something similar to this. Let me know in the comments…

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