The Body Source mosquito repellent bracelet

The best thing about going on holiday is getting eaten alive by bugs. Said no-one. Ever.

With the school holidays upon us, you might be heading off in the direction of even more glorious sunshine. If like me, your skin holds a certain appeal for creepy crawlies (the bugs – no reflection on the clientele at your holiday resort) then the mosquito repellent bracelet from The Body Source could be a vacation game-changer.

Concerned by the spread of the Zika virus, my best pal pressed a couple of these into my hand ahead of my recent holiday to Florida. To be fair, if anyone was going to catch something from a mosquito it would be me. I have tried everything from over the counter medication to eating extreme quantities of Marmite but I still get bitten to pieces. My record was 32 bites in one evening, in a neat row along the neck-line of my vest top. I spent the rest of my holiday sitting on my hands to stop myself clawing at the unbelievably itchy marks.

I was sceptical about how well the bands might work. A quick search online suggested they were the least effective option and that a here-and-there approach to applying repellent simply didn’t work. But the convenience appealed to me; if they did work I wouldn’t need to douse myself in a nasty-smelling, skin drying spray umpteen times a day. Each band lasts around 250 hours (ten days-ish, for argument’s sake).

The ingredients are all natural. Instead of DEET, the bands contain essential oils such as lemongrass and citronella. As you take them out of the wrapper the smell is quite overpowering but the initial aroma soon wears off. Or maybe you just get used to it; the former I think as my fellow travellers didn’t complain or feel the need to give me a wide berth.

The spring-like design means they fit the wrists (or ankles) of most adults and children, and they’re waterproof. The wrapper is re-sealable but based on my track-record, once I put it on, I left it on. The big test for me was an early evening water-boat ride across shallow, marshy waters; a complete bug haven. I was out for over an hour and aside from one little bite on my face (I know, right?!) I was completely clear of nasty nibbles.

I didn’t travel in the peak mozzi season, but equally I think I’m generally more susceptible to being bitten. Not the most scientific study, I know, but I was impressed enough to buy some more for my next holiday.

If you fancy giving The Body Source mosquito repellent bracelets a go, they’re currently on offer on Amazon (10 for £9.99). PS. This is a genuine review, not something I have been paid to write.

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