Cone-head kitsch

I have been renovating my house for what feels like forever. I think it may have been easier to have knocked the place down and rebuilt it from scratch. Nonetheless, I’m finally reaching the stage where I get to buy new stuff.

In terms of home style, I was a fan of hygge (the cosy but uncluttered Danish style that’s wrapping itself around Britain like a soft blanket) before I knew that’s what it was called. Comfortable chairs, tasteful cushions and throws in mixed – but complementary – fabrics, and maybe even the odd whiffy candle.

So far, so sophisticated. Except for my penchant for ever-so-slightly kitsch accessories. Enter stage left, my glorious new lamp…

I have a lovely sunroom at the back of my house. It has big windows (so is flooded with natural night) and overlooks part of the garden. It’s currently my office/store room/indoor laundry drying facility/home of the unfeasibly large ironing pile. In a few short weeks it will be almost 100% office, with an occasional sideline as a dining room, for when people who aren’t happy to eat off a tray in front of the telly come round. (I know, who ARE these people?).

At one end, will sit a much-loved armchair and an enormous bookcase to house the many paperbacks that have been living in cardboard boxes for the last couple of years. ‘When the nights draw in, I’m going to need a floor lamp’ I thought to myself before taking to the internet.

You can see the result of my search above.

I love it because it’s a bit silly; I mean, it’s a dog wearing a cone of shame. Even the cable has been fashioned to look like a lead. But it’s surprisingly sturdy and casts a lovely warm glow. It’s super-easy to assemble as the various pieces slot together; you need a crosshead screwdriver to attach the cone, but that’s the extent of it. I think it’s going to be an excellent companion on dark winter nights, not to mention slightly less hairy than my other four-legged friend (who is intrigued by his new house guest).

The Sitting Dog Floor Light is sold by The Light Factory and retails at £79.99.


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