Race for Life

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me to run the Race for Life at Herne Bay. I appreciate it’s not on a par with other, riskier fundraising events but for me it to was an important thing to do. A group of us ran it with a frankly amazing (and yes, I know how overused that word is) woman called Maria, who has recently reached the end of her treatment for breast cancer.

Give or take a few weeks, Maria is the same age as me. Despite plenty of information to the contrary, we still think of cancer as something that happens to older people and to other people. I haven’t known Maria that long so I was a bit weirded-out by the tears that rolled down my cheeks when I heard her diagnosis. In particular, the speed with which she had been seen after finding the lump suggested there was something to worry about.

Fortunately, Maria’s treatment has gone remarkably well and I have enormous respect for how she has handled every aspect of the last year. So when she suggested we mark the end of her treatment by taking part in the Race for Life, how could we refuse. Let’s be honest she knew we couldn’t say no to her. To be fair when we were standing at the finish line in the pouring rain, soaked through to our pants as we waited for the mums in our team to catch up, we were all thinking ‘should have said no’.

I’m fairly fit but I’m no runner – more of a plodder – and while it was only a 5k, I was nervous about taking part. My stupid ‘grandma hips’ have begun to cause a problem with my right knee and I honestly thought I might be limited to walking the route, but I necked some painkillers and got a trot on. I finished a good few minutes faster than when I last took part about ten years ago so that’s two fingers up to ageing. And the knee was fine, so I have resumed plodding around the neighbourhood in my lurid running gear (I’ll never get run over – too visible).

Our fundraising page has just closed; we raised £1425 having set ourselves a target of £1000. Maria was determined to take part as she wanted to ‘pay back’ even a small amount of what she has received over the last time twelve months. I’m glad to have been able to help with that. Thanks again to those of you who kindly sponsored me.

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