Lunch in Margate

Work is taking me to Margate fairly regularly at the moment which is A Good Thing, not just because of the myriad eating opportunities available, although obviously food is always pretty high up on my list of priorities.

I do *try* to mix things up a bit but there are two places I keep returning to: The Greedy Cow and GB Pizza Co. The latter you will probably have heard of, or seen, on account of its eminently Instagram-able interior let alone the pizzas (which are also a thing of beauty).

My last visit was just prior to them switching to their summer menu so I’m not sure whether the anchovy and chilli pizza I had made the list. To be fair it’s hot, which at times is something summer can only aspire to. If you like your pizza stodgy then you go right ahead and ‘hit the Hut’ because what’s served up at GB Pizza Co is the polar opposite.

Authentic, wafer-thin, crisp bases are topped with fantastic quality fresh local ingredients. Simple flavour combinations (the Margate-rita is bursting with juicy tomato sweetness) sit alongside bolder combinations, such as the pear and English blue cheese pizza. Don’t be fooled; something that light is deceptively filling but if you’re a ‘leave room for dessert’ person (my kinda dinner) then seek out the salted caramel tart from local baker Steve aka Never Mind the Cupcakes.

The Greedy Cow Cafe is a short walk away on Market Place. They’re famed for their burgers but I actually haven’t tried one yet because there are so many other tempting choices on the menu. The chorizo and sourdough is my current favourite but the falafel comes a close second. The former is served atop a salad of mixed leaves, sweet red onion, beetroot and orange. The latter has the most delicious homemade coleslaw with plenty of red cabbage. And the staff really know their onions.  They know all of their ingredients, in fact. My fellow diner has allergies and the staff talked her through each dish in detail, which shouldn’t be difficult to do but many places still can’t manage it.

Chorizo on sour
Chorizo, beetroot and orange with mixed leaves and sourdough

I will definitely get round to some of the other cafes and restaurants in town; the Caribbean food at Mullins gets a great write-up and as someone who could eat curry every night, I know I need to get to Masala Gate. And I will. If I don’t get distracted by those pizzas again.


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