Hotel Indigo, Glasgow

When it comes to hotel rooms, there are two absolute musts for me: firstly, like Goldilocks, I crave a bed that’s not too firm and not too soft; secondly, like any sane and rational human being, I want to find a power socket close to the bed.

So imagine my delight when I rocked up to the Hotel Indigo in Glasgow on a work trip. Not only did it have a ‘just right’ bed large enough for Goldilocks and at least two of the three bears, but – ta dah! – a power socket within arm’s length of the pillows. I was prepared to give it a five-star review there and then.

Hotel Indigo is part of the InterContinental Hotels Group but you wouldn’t know that unless you read the in-room blurb. They are boutique-esque, seemingly housed in quirky buildings with a bit of history behind them, and the design of each hotel reflects the neighbourhood it’s situated in. Hanging in the lobby was a painting of famous Glaswegians from John Logie Baird to Lorraine Kelly as well as beautifully styled maps of the local area.

Each bedroom is individually styled with the sorts of extras that make a work trip slightly more fun. The mini bar offering complimentary Tunnocks caramel wafers and the phone/mp3 docking station by the bed were nice touches. The hairdryer was full size (another thing so many hotels fail to realise is quite important – I need styling tools with more power than someone sighing in my general direction to dry this mop) and there was a plug right by the mirror. Hallelujah.

And you know you’re onto a winner when the products in the bathroom are better than the ones you have arrived with; I appreciated the rosemary and mint Aveda shampoo and conditioner, especially.

The hotel has its own gastro pub-style restaurant, the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse. We were advised it gets booked up very quickly and on returning from the first of our meetings we could see it was busy, even as early as 6pm.

We got a table later that evening and really enjoyed our meals. None of us opted for the steak; ordering pork belly, a chicken Caesar salad and ‘The Governor’ fish and chips respectively. My choice, the pork belly, was a delight. It was served with butter beans coated in the most intensely sweet yet savoury reduction. A side order of creamed cabbage and bacon was the perfect accompaniment. Most of the starters were around £3-£6 with main courses at £10-£18, with the exception of the steaks. It wasn’t entirely obvious what the Marco Pierre White connection was, other than the black and white wall hangings of the man himself looking a bit mean and moody.

The hotel is very central and minutes from Glasgow Central Station. This being a work trip, I didn’t get to see much of the City but there are music venues and galleries on the doorstep, not to mention plenty of bars and restaurants. It was quiet at night; you’re close to the action but not so close as to be kept awake into the small hours which was a bit of a blessing on this occasion.

This was the first time had stayed at a Hotel Indigo and I’m already looking to staying at one of the chain’s London locations next month. According to the information in reception, the walk-up price this week was £450 for a standard room but I know mine had cost around a quarter of that, so there are deals to be had.

2 thoughts on “Hotel Indigo, Glasgow

  1. Rarely get to Glasgow but enjoyed your blog..I had no idea you took such pleasure in gastronomy ..your write-ups about the pizza in Margate almost made me drive there ! Martha

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